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For a small donation of just $5 you can sponsor the comic strip for a day. Your name or nickname, and if you like a short message you compose, will appear on the homepage just below the comic for an entire day and be seen by thousands of regular K&K readers! It's a fun way to support the strip as well as send a custom shout-out to anyone you like. Here is an example:

Chris Kohler says, "Hello to all the other K&K fans out there on the Internet!"

There are a couple of ground rules. First, we reserve the right to censor any custom message that we feel may be inappropriate or not 'family friendly'. Your message must be 60 characters or less. Finally, do not include any website addresses or URLs in your message. If you want to promote your website, please consider becoming an ad sponsor instead.

If you'd like to sponsor the strip for a day, just fill out the form below and your information will be sent to Bill Holbrook. You'll then be taken to a page where you can pay your donation online via PayPal or given the address where you can send a personal check. It's as simple as that! We also have some other ways you can support the comic strip.

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