Kevin & Kell is a static comic strip and thus we never get to see the characters actually move. So, this section was put together to give everyone a basic idea of what it might look like if our favorite mixed up marriage were animated. While there isn't a Kevin and Kell cartoon on television yet, it's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility since Bill has been shopping around the idea for some time. Let's keep our fingers crossed! In the mean time, please enjoy the following animations.

First Date Music Video

Commissioned by Bill, the terrific singer/songwriter/filker Tom Smith wrote a musical duet depicting Kevin and Kell's first face-to-face meeting (a scene from the comic book Origin of the Species). He and Karen Underwood sang the parts, and Bill created an animated storyboard to illustrate it. The action picks up right after Kevin and Kell, chatting online, decide to rendesvous at a local restaurant. They're to recognize each other by wearing pink carnations. Kell is about to accept the date and open a new door in life when suddenly she hesitates...

Kevin Walking

This animation was created by Bill while he was taking a class in animation. It consists of 23 frames for the walk cycle which repeats to create a fluid motion. Bill drew the original frames on paper, scanned them and then saved them as separate images. The frames were then combined into an animated GIF by reader Chris Galvin.

"Dances with Kell"

No, Kell is not dancing above. As any canine would, she turns three times before laying down to sleep. The cells of this animation came from the May 27th, 1996 strip titled "Getting ready for bed". When Bill orginally drew that strip he never considered Kells turns as frames in a continous motion, but they certainly turned out that way.

Getting Ready For Bed

Bill's final project in his animation class was to create a brief animated short. This is the result of his efforts. It's a 20 second animation of Kell getting ready for bed. It also features Bill as the voice of Kevin and his wife Teri as the voice of Kell.