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Marthe says, "The comments section is scary so I'm up here instead."

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Last updated: Saturday November 16, 2019

Thank you to everyone who stepped up

I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who contributed to "Kevin & Kell" this week. You've genuinely helped keep the strip going, and my gratitiude is boundless. Remember, the 2020 patron program is what ensures the Dewclaws' survival.

November video

In this visit to the Office Oracles, Dethany and Fi discuss the concept of the Work Spouse and how a partnership can be more productive than if the two remained separate.

NEW book!

It's "Turvy"! The complete year of 2017 of "Kevin & Kell" is now available! Here we follow Lindesfarne's pregnancy from start to finish, including the climatic battle against the evil hate group N.O.P.E. In addition to all 365 strips we also feature Lindesfarne's Virtual Quill commentary.  Learn more on!

New Hare Link site!

Please check out Hare Link's new site, featuring an introductory video from Toco the Toucan! Remember, choosing Hare Link for your webhosting directly supports the strip.

Vintage Kevin & Kell

Classic "Kevin & Kell" strips are now featured on King Features's Comic Kingdom site. Go here, and pick up the action from today's date back in 2009.

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